In 2016, “Galkon Group Construction and Yıldız Architecture Bureau” companies came together to provide services in the fields of Construction, Engineering and Architectural Design under the name “İstanbul Construction” which resulted from the consolidation of long years of knowledge, experience and know-how under one roof. Istanbul Construction applies these services to its own projects, as well as to other firms in the areas of its activities.

İstanbul Construction aims to present the best results to its customers in all its projects of design and application. For this, different construction technologies and systems are realized with a professional staff and a workflow method dominant in every process of the project. Every project we take starts with a new enthusiasm and we keep this excitement at the end of the project with the same motivation, so that we are not only interested in the fullfilment of our client, but also we do our job in the way that would make us proud. Our targets are; To increase the quality of the services we provide in line with the development of technology and to be a company that makes sound projects and sought after with what we do in our industry. For this, we continue to imagine with all our experiences and continue to realize our imaginations.